So, after – literally – a year, I finally put some pretty to my blog. I bought this domain last year on a whim; no real reason, just wanted a domain. Around this same time, I was learning AWS and that I could use S3 to actually back the content. And with a little Route53 magic, Gatling.XYZ was born…

… with some random comment saying I’d add something soon.

Well, finally, it’s got some flavor to it. We’re working on redoing our blog at work and I’ve never used Jekyll before so I figured why not get some good practice in?

All in all, Jekyll’s not bad. I kind of struggled the first few hours, as the theme I wanted was entirely too complex (and I didn’t read the read me; its setup was different than most other themes). I saw this one and it fit my needs: nice and clean, pretty, yet extremely easy to modify if I wanted to tweak something. For instance, the Instagram icon at the bottom was added by me (I changed the entire icon font because the included one didn’t have one for IG).

And to actually see my blog live, just had to upload the contents of the _site directory to S3 (after spending forever on localhost to preview changes). Super simple. I need to set up some FTP for S3 to make the process easier, but it’s fine for now.

If anyone browsing this happens to have any questions related to setting up Jekyll, just let me know. I’ll see what I can do to help.